IVT AirX Technical Information

IVT AirX Air Source Heat Pump Range

Introduction to the IVT AirX Range

IVT AirX is the latest generation of air source heat pump that sets new standards in terms of efficiency. There are a large range of outputs, both single phase and three phase, between 5 - 17 kW.

It has been on sale in the UK since 2015, and is still the current model on sale.


Product Documents


IVT AirX 5 - 17kW


Exploded Views

IVT AirX 50-90

IVT AirX 130-170

IVT AirX AirModule E9

IVT AirX AirModule E15

IVT AirX AirBox E9 50-90

IVT AirX AirBox E9 130-170

IVT AirX AirBox S 50-90

IVT AirX AirBox S 130-170



IVT AirX Installation Manual

IVT AirX AirModule Installation Manual

IVT AirX AirBox Installation Manual

IVT AirX User Manual

IVT AirX Controller User Manual



IVT AirX 50 1x230V

IVT AirX 70 1x230V

IVT AirX 90 1x230V

IVT AirX 130 1x230V

IVT AirX 130 1x400V

IVT AirX 170 1x400V

AirModule E9 UK

AirModule E15 UK

AirBox E9 50-90

AirBox E9 130-170

AirBox S 50-90

AirBox S 130-170